What is Kelp and its benefits?

This is one of the most effective additives used in hydroponics gardens. Kelp is seaweed that grows in oceans and seas. It has high concentration of minerals, amino acid, and vitamins. Kelp fertilizers are the best alternative to artificial fertilizer and pose no threat to the environment.

Benefits of using kelp in hydroponics

#1. Rich in micro-nutrients

In some cases, the micro-nutrients deficiency can occur in hydroponic systems. This happens because hydroponics has no soil to provide trace elements. Fortunately, kelp is packed with micro-nutrients to support the healthy growth of your plants. Moreover, the micro-nutrients in kelp are available in chelated form so it is easily absorbed by the plants.

#2. Packed with growth hormones 

Kelp can grow very well even under harsh conditions. In fact, this seaweed can grow up to 50 meters and have to deal with low light conditions. In this case, kelp is packed with special growth hormones that allow them to grow in harsh environment. When used in hydroponics, kelp increases the nutrient metabolism that translates into rapid growth.

#3. Contain valuable carbohydrates 

Kelp is rich in carbohydrates that stimulate the process of photosynthesis. Usually, plants manufacture their own carbohydrates but it is vital to provide them with external carbs. In this case, kelp is the perfect source of carbohydrates needed for optimum growth of plants. This increases the levels of chlorophyll in plants that result in darker leaves.

#4. Create a favorable microbial environment

Beneficial microbes are very vital in every hydroponic system. They help in thickening of the roots, which increase the nutrient uptake. In some cases, the beneficial microbes in hydroponic system become weak. Fortunately, the kelp provides organic materials that provide ideal environment for the growth of beneficial microbes. In this case, kelp will help the microbes grow fast and expand into the root system of the plants.

#5. Improves the shelf life of the plants 

When used few days before harvesting, kelp will significantly increase the shelf life of your hydroponic produce. In this case, Kelp slows down the loss of chlorophyll and proteins. Moreover, kelp slow the aging process allow longer growing season.

#6. Increase the plant’s immunity 

It can be very frustrating to deal with pest and diseases in your hydroponic gardens. Fortunately, kelp can significantly improve the immunity of your plants. Plants treated with kelp are more resistant to pest and diseases. Moreover, kelp contains natural antibiotic properties that suppress harmful bacteria.

How to use kelp in your hydroponic system

Kelp is applied to the leaves by using a spray bottle. Also, you can apply kelp directly to the growing medium. However, applying kelp directly the leaves has been proven to be highly effective.

In this case, you should to use non-ionic surfactant before treating your plants with kelp. This reduces the surface tension of your liquid kelp. This saturates the leaves and increases the absorption of the kelp to your plants.

Kelp is nutrient-rich additives used to ensure proper and healthy growth of plants in hydroponics gardens. Kelp provides your plants with micro-nutrients and hormones to allow faster growth and higher yields. In fact, kelp has gained a lot of popularity and is now available in many hydroponics stores.